A Warhammer 40k & Wargaming Convention


What is Shorehammer’s AoS Grand Tournament?

Tournament Limit: 24 Players.

First come, first serve so buy yo ticket bruh.

It will feature three rounds of Matched Play games on 4x4 boards. Each game will conclude at the end of turn 4. We are using the most current edition of the General’s Handbook with all updated points costs, rules, Allies, and FAQs:

Round 1: Battle for the Pass (p.53)

Round 2: Starstrike (p.54)

Round 3: Scorched Earth (p.55)

We are totaling all VPs earned during all games, plus 3 extra VPs for a Major Victory and 2 extra VP for a Minor Victory. All Victory Points a player has earned will be tallied up and the winners are decided using the highest scores.

At the end of the third game, each player will secretly write down the name of the player that was the most fun to play against. Ties will be broken by which player (if either) was chosen as an opponent’s favorite, and further ties will be broken by which army is most completely painted and based.

Here are the list-building criteria:
Each player should come with a 1500 point army chosen from a single alliance (Order, Chaos, Destruction or Death) using the points in the current General’s Handbook.

1-5 Leaders
2+ Battleline
0-2 Artillery
0-1 Behemoths
Any Number of Other Units
Up to 300 points of Allies

Compendium Armies ARE allowed.
Forge World is NOT allowed.
Only 2 Warscroll Battalions is allowed per list.
All rules will be taken from the Matched Play section of the most current edition of the General’s Handbook.
If a unit has two keywords, (ex: Leader and Behemoth) it counts as both for the list requirements.

IMPORTANT: Flesh Eater Courts Royal Terrorgheists and Royal Zombie Dragons for a Grislegore army have the Behemoth keyword despite the FAQ.