A Warhammer 40k & Wargaming Convention

40k Kill Team

40k Kill Team

Painting and Basing Models

Fully Painted Rosters are not required. For any models that are conversions, scratch builds or proxies, a reasonable expectation of accuracy must be applied to the latest Games Workshop model. However, it is not expected that specific Equipment be modeled. Your opponent should easily identify each model on within your kill team with no ambiguity.

Wherever possible, base your models according to their current boxed kit.

If you have any questions, please seek permission prior to the event.

Kill Teams and Command Rosters

All games will be played using model rules and tactics from the most recent Kill Teams found in the all official Games Workshop publications. These include but are not limited to: Kill Team: Compendium, All official White Dwarf materials, All Killzone Expansions, and the 2022 Annual.

Official Model and Game Rule Sources

You MUST possess an official print or digital copy of the Kill Team Rulebook, as well as any relevant additional rules, tactics cards, and barricades for your roster.

Where there are differences in wordings or fire teams, the most recent supplement applies. In addition, all FAQ, Errata, Director Commentary, and Data slate materials will be used at this event.

For new players, the below Games Workshop website contains a print out of the core rules and an introductory Kill Team.


Time Policy

Each tournament round will be approximately 105 minutes (1hr and 45 min). If for some reason you have not completed a game and there is less than 15 minutes remaining, contact a Judge to determine if you may begin a subsequent Turning Point(s). You must not intentionally leverage the clock to disadvantage your opponent. If this is determined to be the case, you will be disqualified and report 0 points scored for that round.

Pairings and Score Reporting

All Kill Team events will make use of Best Coast Pairings for score reporting, as well as generating pairings and table assignments. All players should endeavor to install the BCP Player app prior to event check-in.

Missions and Scoring

Missions will be played using the “Matched Play Mission Sequence” outlined within the Kill Team Core Rule Book on page 92 – 93. Players will be playing the following three missions from the Kill Team Core Book:

· Round 1: Mission 2.2: Seize Ground

· Round 2: Mission 1.2: Consecration

· Round 3: Mission 3.3: Master the Terminals

A player can score a maximum of 18 victory points each game, broken down as follows:

Primary Mission (12 points maximum)

All missions will use the mission objective outlined within the Kill Team Core Book

Secondary Missions (6 points maximum total)

For all Battlefields in all rounds, secondary objectives will be determined based upon rules outlined in the Kill Team Core Book. Physical Cards are not required but recommended.


At the end of each game, use the score sheet provided during each round to record your results and submit them at the judges’ table. There may also be an option for reporting your results digitally on the day.

Players will be ranked by their number of Victories, followed by the number of Tac Ops achieved, then by overall Victory Points scored during each game.

In the extremely unlikely event that players are still tied after all scoring criteria are applied victory will be determined by a best of three D6 roll-off in front of the lead judge.


When you arrive at your table, the terrain will already be setup in the way it is intended to be played, but this is only a guideline and terrain pieces may need to be moved to accommodate objective placement. When replacing terrain after placing objectives, if you feel the balance of the terrain has been significantly changed, feel free to call a referee. The referee will arrange the terrain for you.


Your opponent for your first game will be randomly determined. Subsequent rounds will be organized using a swiss system. If you ever find yourself facing off against a player you have faced previously, please contact a member of the events team.

We will be using the Best Coast Parings player app for the event. You can download the app and pre-register.