A Warhammer 40k & Wargaming Convention

40k Danger Zone

What the hell is a 40k DANGER ZONE Tournament?

Tournament Limit: 64 Players. First come, first serve so buy yo ticket, bruh.

**Well I’m glad you asked.This tournament is designed to limit cheese, and highlight the different aspects of armies. Any pleb can do well with the hottest, meltiest cheese in the Meta. But are you master of your entire army?


Sweet-ass trophies for the top three generals, plus the 1st place winner is forever immortalized on our champions plaque.

3 Games, 2 hours allotted for each game. Boards will be 4x4 with Dawn of War deployment but 6” instead of 12”.
Points: 750
Turns: 4
This is a matched play tournament.
No Detachments. Each player is given 4 Command Points per game, but only for use with our Danger Zone Stratagems. Codex stratagems are not allowed.
If a character gives extra Command Points or allows the chance for regenerating them, you may use this ability. In the case of an extra CP added to your pool due to a character’s ability, this Command Point lasts the entire game until used.
HQ’s may use their Warlord Traits in any of the games they are in. A Relic may only be taken by an HQ in the first game.
The “Boots on the Ground” FAQ from GW will be in effect in the third game.

Each game requires a different army list (as described below) but they MUST have the same allegiance for their Faction & “Chapter” keywords between all three games. Imperium, Ealdari, and Chaos are not allowed for allegiance purposes.

In other words, all models must come from the same codex. Any models that are summoned must still comply with the game’s force org slot and keyword restrictions, and must still share the same army keyword as the main force.

No Lords of War. No Forge World. Lists are capped at 60 models. **

Each unit may not be used in more than one of the three games, though multiples of a unit may be brought in a single game.** In other words, even if a unit fits multiple categories and would be qualified for each of the 3 games, you may only take it in one game.

Example: A Hive Tyrant could theoretically qualify in the first two games and then again in the third if given wings. We are not allowing that for the sake of diversity.
Each game will involve 6 Objectives__ scattered on the board, which are each worth 3 points at the end of the game for whichever player has possession of them. If an objective is not held at the end of the game, the player with the most models within 3” captures it for 2 points. Troops will have Objective Secured for the purposes of objectives not held by a unit. A unit may not hold more than 1 objective at a time.

Stratagems for this Event, you must declare the name of the Stratagem when using it:

  • I’m a Little Bitch 1CP: Play this after a unit of yours has been targeted by Ranged or Melee attacks but before To-Wound rolls are made. Your opponent must re-roll successful Hit rolls.
  • Man, I Suck At This Game 1 CP: Play this after you have rolled for Armor Saves for the selected unit; you can re-roll all of your failed Armor Saves.
  • Could You Please Stop Punching Me? This is All That I Have In Life 1 CP: Play this after the first Charging Unit has attacked in melee. Interrupt the order of Melee combat and activate one of your units out of turn.
  • This Unit Will Grow a Pair 1 CP: Choose a unit that has to take a leadership check and this unit passes the test before a roll is made.
  • Didn’t Mean That 1CP: Re-roll 1 di of your choosing.

Picking up an objective requires a unit to be in base contact with it at the end of your movement phase.** Even units that cannot normally pick up objectives may grab these (such as Flyers, etc). A model may carry more than one Objective and drops it when slain. If a model carrying one or more objectives is slain in the combat phase, the unit that killed him automatically picks up the dropped objectives. A unit may not pick up more than one objective per phase.

Being in possession of one or more objectives gains the bearer and their unit all of the benefits written on the objectives. All benefits are accumulative and a model/unit may hold any number of objectives. While holding one or more objectives, there is no limit to your actions like a relic objective would do.

Game 1: Only HQs and Troops may be taken in this list.**Objective Benefits will be:

  • +1 BS & +1 WS x2
  • 5+ Invul or +1 if they already have an Invul x2
  • +1 Save x2

Game 2: Only Elites, Heavies, Vehicles, & Monsters may be taken. FLY is allowed, but not Flyers. Objective Benefits will be:

  • +1 Damage To Ranged & Melee Weapons x2
  • Regen/Repair: At the start of your turn, Heal D3+1 Wounds x2
  • +3 Toughness x2

**Game 3: Only Fast, Flyers, & units with the FLY keyword may be taken.**Objective Benefits will be:

  • Extra -1 AP To Ranged & Melee weapons x2
  • 5+ Feel No Pain or +1 if they already have an equivalent ability x2
  • +1 to models’ Attacks characteristics, & +1 to number of Ranged Shots for all weapons. X2

Total scores will be added to find winners adding +2 points to their total for each game Won.